Services in my office

Doctor Mirincheva does: 1. Ultrasound Examinations of the Excretory System. 2. Diagnosis and treatment of renal-stone disease. 3. Diagnosis, conservative treatment and prevention of kidney disease (Pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, etc.). 5. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic renal failure and its complications. 4. Diagnosis and treatment of cystitis in women.


Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 Is a high-end echograph, created as a result of more than ten years of development and improvement of ProSound technology. It has the latest engineering achievements, along with Aloka 's tradition, knowledge and overall scientific potential, acquired over 50 years of history, dedicated exclusively to ultrasound technology and diagnostics One of the main features of the device is the ability to acquire images with very high sensitivity, resolution and information value achieved through the perfection of built-in acoustic technology. Realized images guarantee high precision and security of ultrasound diagnosis, patient and specialist safety, reducing the need for duplicate research.